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NEW DELHI: You will be allowed to travel free through a fee plaza on National Highways, if your car has a valid FASTag or any other smart tag with enough balance, but the equipment installed at fee plaza is unable to process it due to any malfunctioning or non-functioning.

roadway convey priesthood has authorized the same and the National Highways dominance of India (NHAI) has been ordered to comply with the standard. NHAI had sent the proposal for ministry's approval in its bid to bring relief to commuters who have bought the FASTags and recharged them for smooth travel through fee plazas and also to make the toll operators responsible.

TOI on December 26 had first reported this move by NHAI.

The command publicized by roadway convey priesthood expressed that when such vehicles are allowed to travel free "an appropriate zero transaction receipt shall be publicized mandatorily for all such transactions."

Currently, one lane on each side of the 414 fee plazas have the system to process RFID labels and all lanes at 110 plazas have been fitted with this system. More than 13 lakh FASTags have been sold and the government has taken multi-pronged approach to increase their penetration, which includes mandatory installation of tags in all new four and multi-axle vehicles at manufacturer or dealer's end.

Moreover, online and offline selling of the labels have been moved to increase the sum.


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