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As much as Valentine’s Day is about relationship, it also seems to be about the sound in a romantic’s intuition. a handful of musicians, including famous movie celebrities, like Anirudh and Karthik, are approaching out with bingles present. From uncomplicated, lively amorous figures to gleeful and lively emotion sounds — musicians are giving their own wind to make V-Day exclusive for you. Here’s what’s in store...
By: Anirudh Ravichander
This is one announcement Anirudh fans expect during V-Day. The composer has made it a tradition to come up with a single for the special day, every year. He says that he composes these Valentine’s Day singles according to the state of mind he is in. This year, the theme is quite different — a Valentine’s song with a twist. Titled Julie, this is, once again, a collaboration with director Vignesh ShivN.

By: Gautham Menon, Karthik and Madhan Karky
After creating a sound with their first single Koova, the trio has come up with a unique sound for Valentine’s Day. named Ulaviravu, (the word, coinage by Karky, means day night-time), it is sung by Karthik. The first few formations, if you had spied, had already were in Koova. Karthik says, “Gautham approached up with the concept of doing an emotion sound, about a pair who goes on a day, old-school style. With so much of technology approaching in our path and with relationship being all about emojis, this sound is the actual communicate and education a pair would have minus our phones. We covered the concept and Karky approached up with this compelling word and wrote the texts. Later, I acted over by giving it a lively music. This emotion sound is a quintessential Gautham amount.” The astonishment here is that performers Tovino Thomas and Dhivyadharshini will be being in the video.

En Kaadhal Kanmani
By: Kumar Narayanan, Anupama Prakash and Radha Krishnan
Kumar Narayanan is another city-based musician who always comes up with singles for special occasions. This time, he has come up with a love song about a couple who becomes closer post a small tiff. “The girl is angry with her guy for something that he didn’t do. In my opinion, small fights bring a couple closer. This one, too, is about how they sort out their differences and fall for each other all over again. This one’s a peppy romantic number. I have rendered this one along with Anupama, who is trained in classical music,” says Kumar. Instead of shooting with actors, he has gone for animation with lyrics to go along with the video.

By: AH Kaashif, Sid Sriram, Jonita Gandhi and Mohan Rajan
musician Kaashif comes up with unconventional bingles for exclusive days. This moment around, for Valentine’s Day, he’s come out with a break-up music. And that, too, from a girl’s orientation! He says, “I had done a break-up music earlier, too, but that was from a guy’s orientation. We never know what goes through a girl’s cognition when a break-up happens. So, this music is for all the women.” The music is made by Sid Sriram and Jonita Gandhi, with texts by Mohan Rajan. The group will also come out with an exclusive video for the music as well.


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