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NEW DELHI: More than 10 lakh foreign travelers stop by India in January, around eight per cent high than the related month last year, the tourism priesthood expressed in a message on Tuesday.

The amount of foreign tourist arrivals (FTAs) in January, 2018 was 10.66 lakh as analyzed to FTAs of 9.83 lakh in January, 2017, and 8.45 lakh in January, 2016.

"The growth rate in FTAs in January, 2018 over January, 2017 was 8.4 per cent, compared to 16.4 per cent in January, 2017 over January, 2016," the message expressed.

The proportion asset of FTAs in India during January 2018 among the top 15 point countries was advanced from Bangladesh (16.36 per cent) followed by the USA (14.10 per cent), the UK (10.81 per cent), Canada (4.63 per cent) and the Russian organization (4.49 per cent).

The priesthood compiles monthly calculations of FTAs, including those with e-tourist sanctions, on the foundation of their person and the port. The calculations are based on collections collected from the Bureau of migration (BOI)

The proportion asset of FTAs in India during January 2018 among the top 15 ports was advanced at the Delhi airfield (28.03 per cent) followed by the city airfield (17.47 per cent), the Haridaspur Land draft position (7.63 per cent), and the city airfield (7.17 per cent).

During the month of January, 2018, a whole of 2.40 lakh foreign travelers arrived on e-tourist sanctions as analyzed to 1.52 lakh during the month of January, 2017 applying a growth of 58.5 per cent.

The percentage share of top 15 source countries availing of e-tourist visa facilities during January, 2018 was the UK (18.6 per cent), the USA (10.6 per cent), the Russian Federation (6.5 per cent), France (5.4 per cent%), Canada (5.3 per cent) and China (4.8 per cent).


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