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YAVATMAL: As they say, emotion always finds a route. an us-based Indian person united his gay person in a conventional affair at Yavatmal on December 30, days before the Supreme assembly agreed to appraisal the legislation of homosexuality. police officer and the building where the ceremony acted place looked the other route, thinking the court-ordered saying thinking gay marriage in India.
Yavatmal native Hrishi Mohankumar Sathawane (40) married Vinh, said to be from Vietnam, with the blessings of his family and friends at a hotel a stone's throw from the office of the superintendent of police.

Hrishi, who holds a btech from IIT-Bombay, currently beings in California and has an us greencard. matching to his social instrumentalities chart, his genitors were against his butch relationship, but he succeeded in credible them to raise him and Vinh.

Photos on Hrishi's social media account show the two got engaged in mid-2017, followed by an American wedding in October. Though the owners of the hotel claimed it was a simple get-together, the FB posts of the couple's friends make it apparent that the marriage was solemnised in Yavatmal. The photos have since gone viral, with hundreds of likes. When asked, additional SP Amarsingh Jadhav first said he did not want to comment, but later added he had ordered an investigation.


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