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DELHI: troop emperor broad Bipin Rawat on Friday labelled for a leading regenerate of the whole polity school system in trouble-torn Kashmir, expressing that the juvenile were being radicalised by the "corrupted" basal education structure and misinformation being spread by madrassas, masjids and social instrumentalities.
"Government schools in Kashmir are teaching the wrong things... the grass roots problem is there. Stone-pelters are coming out of this warped basic education system. The teachers who teach are also brought up in the same system," he expressed.

All government school classrooms have separate maps of J&K; and India, which sow the seeds of "separate identity" among the children. "The damage is also done through the social media. A very large amount of disinformation campaign is being spread to radicalise the youth," he said, adding that more CBSE schools should be set up in the state.

"The other issue is of the madrasas and masjids — what is being informed to them (the students) or incorrectly informed to them is through the madrasas and masjids. I think some controls have to be exercised there and that is what we are looking at," he increased.


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